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Frank J. Hanna, III – Finding the Soul of Money

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Coming from a long-line of entrepreneurs and being an entrepreneur, Frank Hanna III, does not just believe, he knows, the intrinsic value of money is always how it is invested.  However, while every investment has value, the worth of the “how” is in what it is invested.  Frank Hanna III believes the worthiest investment is philanthropy.

A key dynamic to the formation of three Catholic schools in Atlanta, Frank Hanna III, who has spoken at Vatican conferences, believes common sense and our innate nature of love for each other can guide us to not be selfish.  In his book “What Your Money Means: And How to Use It Well,” Frank Hanna III shows us why investing our money in philanthropy is rewarding, and how to give smartly.

Jerry Murdock, Business Savvy and More

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Some people talk with no walk, while others walk the talk.  Jerry Murdock is the latter and more.  He is a  seasoned venture capitalist and co-founder of Insight Venture Partners.  His role – define the company’s investment strategy and develop portfolio investments.


Jerry Murdock graduated from San Diego State University.  With his Political Science degree in hand, he became a export competitiveness contributor to the Georgetown Center for Strategic & International Studies (now known as CSIS).  Later Mr. Murdock founded and directed the Aspen Technology Group.  He still serves there as a Board of Trustees member.


Jerry Murdock also sits on the Board of Trustees for The Santa Fe Institute.  He directs several companies – Fuze Box, Inc. (nee Callwave, Inc.), Dorado Software, DivX Inc, DriveCam and Beatport.  Previously he served as a director of Click Commerce, Convergent Group, Digital Harbor, Illuminet (ILUM,acquired by VeriSign, Inc, In-Fusio, McKinley (acquired by Excite), Peace Software, Quest Software, and SeeBeyond Technology Corp.