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Banir Ganatra

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Banir Ganatra believes happiness and success comes to those who help others.  And as a young entrepreneur, he has helped many through various philanthropic ventures.  He made significant contributions to the University of California at Irvine for medical research after his mother became seriously ill.  Last Christmas, he partnered with the charity Mercy House and established a homeless shelter in the Armory in Santa Ana, California.


Banir Ganatra is also committed to finding better solutions to business problems.  A graduate of San Diego State University, at his first job he applied his financial and marketing acumen to quickly become project manager of a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.  Using this experience he then found his own company, Equity Financial Group (EFG), a financial lending group.  Within two years, EFT’s revenues grew by 300%, propelling it into a multi-million dollar company.   Establishing SoCalSmiles Dentistry, a network of dental offices located in Orange County California, Banir Ganatra has been able to open a chartable dental clinic in Anandpur, one of the neediest cities in India. 


Banir Ganatra is committed to constant and never-ending improvement.   He also will continue to share his success with others.